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"In each of the cases, both the targets as such and the time frames were met. Most of the quantifiable and qualifiable results of the projects even were significantly beyond our expectations."
Horst Trimborn,
CEO, Andreae-Noris Zahn AG (ANZAG), Frankfurt / Main
How much time do you waste with mediating turf battles?
"Your structured approach has made it possible for us to quickly identify and accurately define groups of themes. All of that has worked exceedingly well both on management level (including our chairman) as well as on the level of the general managers of the subsidiaries some of which had to be reintegrated."
Dr. Dieter Traub, Chairman of the Management Board, Orizon GmbH, Augsburg
Are you still restructuring or already growing?
„You managed to create a sustainable and solution-oriented dialog with the employees concerned which is the basis of a successful change of processes.“
Peter Burmann, General Manager,
DBT Bergbau Service GmbH, Hamm
Are you tired of unfinished strategy?
„Your perseverance, including with regard to critical processes, and your precise preparation and reviewing have helped us to make results more transparent and compulsory.”
Hugo Reissner, CEO, CBR Fashion Holding GmbH, Celle
Is your organization really ready to grow?
Mandat has managed to walk the narrow path between critical examination and consultation on the one hand and guided involvement of employees on the other hand.”
Wolfgang Macholz, Chairman of the Management Board, Progas Flüssiggas GmbH, Dortmund
Do your business processes support your growth strategy?
„Your facilitation and your structured method helped us gain clarity with regard to the process structure and the organization of these processes at the Technical Purchasing department.“
Dr. Bernd Lübcke, COO, Hornbach Baumarkt AG, Bornheim
How to lead your company to profitable growth – not just restricted to financial figures
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Profitable Growth
By Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle
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Almost every company wants to grow – at least officially. Shareholders are demanding further growth and no management team would deny that the growth of their company ...
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