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Mandat-Website: Major Technical Update

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

There will be major technical updates on our site between Thursday, 2/20, 8:00 AM CET and Friday, 2/21, 8:00 PM CET. During this time our website is likely to be down. My regular blogposts will continue on Monday, 2/24, 7:00 AM CET.

More of the Same?

Monday, October 28th, 2013

The growth fallacy

When it comes to growth, one of the greatest misconceptions is to assume that growth means “more of the same.” The numerous critics of growth, who – for whatever reason – claim that you should “take a break from growth” every so often, or who yearn for a “moratorium on growth” usually proceed from the same incorrect assumptions as those who believe that growth has limits.

Growth is indispensable

Growth is the elixir of evolution. Growth is the prerequisite for meaningful economic activity, for prosperity, and for the standard of living that we citizens of industrialized nations enjoy. Taking a break from growth is the same as taking a break from breathing: Do so long enough, and it will kill you.

Growth and innovation

We must recognize that meaningful growth arises only from a foundation of innovation. (Virtually) no one needs that fourth television, but the switch from the cathode ray tube to the flat-screen has triggered growth. (Virtually) no one needs that third mobile phone, but the (r)evolution of the Siemens S1 or the Motorola DynaTAC 8000, along with the advent of the GSM standard for cellular networks at the beginning of the 1990s, caused an enormous burst of growth – not only for producers of mobile phones, today called “smartphones,” but for the entire economy. Just consider the differences in productivity and how we work.

A film, not a snapshot

Growth has much to do with ideas, creativity, and talent. Also with discipline, perseverance, and conviction. Anyone who wants to make sure that his company grows must recognize that growth is not a single venture, but a process consisting of serial ventures, one after another, over and over again. Growth is not a snapshot; it’s a film. We created a whole teleconference series in 2011 around this topic (Sorry, German only).

The mission of this blog

This is a blog that argues for intelligent, profitable growth. Therefore, in this blog we will approach the topic of growth from the point of view a) that growth is urgently needed and b) that growth does not mean “more of the same.” We will advocate for growth here just as vehemently as we do in our consulting business, and we will never tire of criticizing those who do things that, in our view, are incompatible with growth.

Along the way, we will perhaps, occasionally, even become political, although not aligned with any particular party. One thing is certain, you won’t find us running with the crowd. That simply would not sit well with us . . .

Have fun with my new blog “Growth Drivers,” the platform for profitable growth. I look forward to your comments and an engaging discussion.

Best, Guido Quelle


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