Guido’s Personal View: Dubious or Hypocritical?

In city traffic: An electric car attracts my attention. It sports eco-bumper-stickers and “Nuclear power? No, thank you!” I ignore the two stickers (while asking myself which wind farm supplied the electricity to charge the vehicle), but I like the car. Right smart. Then it happens: The driver sticks his arm out and flicks his cigarette butt onto the street. Goodbye, good image.

Hello, eco-hypocrisy: drivers of electric cars, who flick cigarette butts onto the street; socialists who cherish and love the Elysée Palace and all its comforts and also know to expand these comforts at the expense of the nation; leftists who preach water and drink wine. It’s at least dubious, and in many cases, I call it hypocritical.

Either-or. All, or nothing at all. If I would like everybody to be equal, I can’t be more equal. Animal Farm sends greetings. If I accept that there are differences, must be and should be differences, I cannot preach equality. If I want to set an example of ecological propriety, I cannot willfully, avoidably pollute the environment without damaging my credibility

If you’re going to take a firm position, look before you leap. Perhaps the glass house you’re living in is smaller than you think.

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