Guido’s Personal View: Professional Politicians

More and more, the job description “professional politician” is becoming a reality. Increasingly in elected legislatures, we find those who have no profession other than that of politician. Just have a look at the ballots. I would welcome it if politicians knew from their own experience what they were talking about. Someone who would like to adopt some measure or other, either to the advantage or to the disadvantage of business, ought at some time to have been an entrepreneur—to cite just one example. If you listen to some politicians—even prominent ones—you can tell that they talk about the topic from a kind of distance that can only suggest that they are unfamiliar with the implications of their positions. That’s a shame.

A tennis coach doesn’t have to be the best tennis player, but he must know the techniques and the rules, as well as able to prove himself in a game. Or would you hire a greenhorn, if you wished to master the game of tennis? So why do we tolerate politicians who make a career of it, but who have never earned a red cent in commerce?

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