About Mandat


Since its establishment in 1989, Mandat has helped more than 160 enterprises in over 400 projects to grow profitably and to strengthen the sustainability of their growth.

Our clients

Our clients are forward-thinking business owners, C-level executives, directors and managers of successful companies. Our clients are interested not only in WHAT they must do at their operations in order to create sustainable, profitable growth but also HOW to proceed in effecting the necessary changes. Our clients want to work together on an equal footing with a partner who – like they – is committed to set and hit targets. Our clients understand that combining their technical knowledge and our consulting experience will result in a significant driving force of success.


Our clients can rely on us to develop answers to the WHAT as well as to the HOW, ensuring profitable, sustainable growth for tangible results. Our clients can rely on us not only to develop first-class concepts, but to implement such concepts accurately and quickly together with the client’s staff – if requested. This is where we stand out from the crowd.


We are committed to making a significant contribution which helps leading companies that often are already setting world-class standards in their industry to achieve long-term success. Our aim is to be the leading consulting company when it comes to creating profitable, sustainable growth. This is not an end in itself but directly addresses the requirements of our clients. Our clients tell us if and when we have met such requirements. The results from over 350 consulting projects speak for themselves.


Our profession is a privilege that deserves to be treated responsibly. In order to achieve excellent results for our clients, it is necessary to have an outstanding team, an adequate environment and a suitable corporate culture. Apart from the fact that we give our best efforts to achieve the best result for our clients, this means that all our employees continue to develop their skills in accordance with the Mandat TOP concept:

T = Total Business Expert: Being an expert in a special field
Each of us is an expert in at least one special field, and every individual continues to develop their knowledge.

O = Overall Knowledge: Deliberately using multi-disciplinary knowledge
Each of us has extensive general knowledge and extends their knowledge on an ongoing basis.

P = Personality: Having social skills
We are committed to respectful leadership, keeping an eye on the whole, negotiating in accordance with the win-win-win principle, helping each other and supporting social issues beyond the boundaries of our profession.

Corporate culture is not so easy to describe – and categorize. Those who have worked with Mandat can pinpoint what makes us special.

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