How we work

The decision for Mandat is a mutual decision:

You decide whether Mandat is the consulting firm that suits your needs and we make sure whether the collaboration is likely to lead to the desired result.

To be able to take these decisions, before proceeding with a project, we first take the time necessary to accurately define the objectives, targets and benefits of our collaboration. The dialog with our client, the decision-maker, is a must at this stage, involvement of other interested parties is encouraged. This ensures that the necessary clarity is provided right at the beginning of the co-operation.

We regard our mandates as projects.

That means that you and we have to agree on joint accountabilites in order to meet the desired objectives and it means that the collaboration in a certain project ends once the defined outcome has been achieved. Together, we thus ensure that we reach our aim as quickly as possible.

We do not run off-the-shelf projects.

Every project deals with your specific situation and is based on the outcome that you want to be achieved. Naturally, you will profit from our experience with similar projects without us having to reinvent the wheel each time; at the same time, a project must be made to match your individual situation and your company in order to be successful.

During our collaboration, we will make sure that our knowledge translates into skill at your operation. Since the routine processes will eventually have to continue without our help, we involve your team in our work as far as necessary. This ensures that your investment yields sustainable returns.

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