Linda Vollberg, Senior Consultant

Linda Vollberg started her career at Mandat in 2009: while studying Management Engineering she applied for an internship with us, despite the fact that up until that time we had offered no internships. After successfully completing her studies at the top of her class in 2011, she took on a position as a Management Consultant at Mandat.

Her studies trained Linda Vollberg to think in terms of processes and structures. Further, her specialization in logistics allows her to examine the efficiency and effectiveness of work processes in client projects from a comprehensive perspective, and to discover existing synergy potentials in internal and external corporate cooperations.

Linda Vollberg has especially gained both academic and practical expertise in the field of marketing, her Business Plan taking 1st place in the Heinz Harling Foundation’s 2009 Business Idea Competition in Hamm, Germany. At Mandat Linda Vollberg further developed the topic of her research paper and subsequent Bachelor’s thesis on “Brand Building in System Companies at the POS as an Instrument for Profitable Growth.” These outstanding academic works are part of the “Mandat Campus” series, published in 2012.

Her affinity for and expertise in marketing made Linda Vollberg the natural choice for project head of the International Brand Colloquium (Internationales Marken-Kolloquium), which Mandat took over in late 2011. This meeting of top-level brand managers and entrepreneurs, held annually at Seeon Abbey in Chiemgau, Germany, has been a jour fixe in the branch since 2004.

Teamwork is a top priority for Linda Vollberg: as a member of the student council, she began her involvement in the joint planning and implementation of projects and structures early on. In her spare time, too, she enjoys competing as part of a tennis team.