Pascal Kowsky, Management Consultant

Pascal Kowsky joined Mandat in 2013. His master thesis about growth potentials in the supply chain of a medium-sized firm—a Mandat client—as part of a larger corporate group strongly convinced the owner of the group as well as the management. This master thesis was published as volume 4 of the scientific series “Mandat Campus,” edited by Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle.

Pascal is Certified Project Management Expert (GPM) which is a solid basis for his effective project work at Mandat clients. In order to even deepen his knowledge about production and logistics, Pascal decided to study Supply Chain Management after his Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering at the SRH University of Applied Sciences for Business Administration and Logistics in Hamm, Germany. He graduated as the best of all graduates that year. He has an ability to view things in a holistic way which originates in his academic education and which was sharpened during his work in industrial companies and at Mandat. Pascal is able to use this ability to make potentials in processes transparent and to help clients to monetize these potentials in order to grow even further.

Pascal has worked in different projects at a global market-leading technology firm for three years. Especially to mention is a process improvement project “from request to proposal” that led to significantly reduced lead times, standardized processes and a dramatic increase in effectiveness and efficiency in the worldwide operation.

A milestone at Mandat was Pascal’s contribution to the development of the Mandat Growth Indicator®, a unique method to identify growth brakes and growth potentials in Mandat client companies. The Mandat Growth Indicator® was the most important development project at Mandat in 2014.

Pascal is member of a Christian fraternity and of the LEO-Club “Florian” of Dortmund. At this club he was responsible for the most important charity project in 2014. His membership and pro-bono work offers Pascal additional options to improve his project leadership competency: From initialization to execution.