Susanne Fiss-Quelle, Senior Consultant

There are not many consultants who can claim having geared executives, teams, and work groups towards success over the course for more than 20 years. Susanne Fiss-Quelle belongs to this small group of experts.

Having gathered professional and leadership experience in the sales and marketing departments of successful companies in the trade fair, IT, and telecommunications industries, Susanne Fiss-Quelle went self-employed as an adviser, moderator and coach in 2000. Her remarkable reputation as being able to increase the success of individuals, groups, and real teams is based on the fact that she makes sure to focus on encouraging existing strengths, thus selectively making the most of existing potentials.

Whenever a clients needs to establish a project team or identify and improve existing competences, Fiss-Quelle is a sought after advisor for successful businesses and non-profit organizations alike. The development of successful co-operations and networks is the natural consequence of her competence strengthening approach. Thus, Fiss-Quelle has managed to form a business network consisting of 360 business women “from scratch” within only four years. The network continues to grow without any external support and now boasts 800 members. In 2006, Susanne Fiss-Quelle passed on the relay baton in order to focus on the expansion of the patterns that form the basis of success. Among other things, she regularly offers networking events. The resulting Success Dinner that is held in Dortmund on a regular basis has become a brand of its own and has even been exported to Berlin by Susanne Fiss-Quelle.

Susanne Fiss-Quelle obtained her degree in business administration at the Free University of Berlin. At the same time, she studied at the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. Fiss-Quelle is a sponsoring member of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Dortmund (Dortmund Junior Executives). In that capacity, she led the job training initiative JOBfit for many years. She now works as a free-lance senior consultant for Mandat Managementberatung GmbH in Dortmund. She has written a large number of specialist articles and is responsible for a variety of studies dealing with sales and marketing-oriented issues.

Susanne Fiss-Quelle is married and lives in Dortmund with her husband and dogs.

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