A cow needs grass …

In our practice as consultants we meet only a few entrepreneurs and senior managers who don’t want ther companies to grow. The economy, the weather, the difficult customer who simply doesn’t want to buy, or the competition which has recently had a good run are not reasons for your own company not to grow.
Dealer Support, May 2014, Page 48 + 50
Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle
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Sustainability – Can It Be Reconciled with Growth? – just a buzzword?

“Today, we are very proud and happy to offer you again a contribution by an expert on the issue of sustainability. This time the Guest Author is Professor Guido Quelle from Germany. He will explain to you in a very condensed form, and under the title “Sustainability – Can It Be Reconciled with Growth? – just a buzzword?, what sustainability might mean for your company, and he explains also the challenges to be met when implementing a complete sustainable system in your company. We are sure that you will enjoy the framework of this feature, and we thank Professor Quelle for his valuable contribution.” (Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura, Publisher of TextileFuture, June 2014)
TextileFuture, 06/2014
Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle
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Businessweek, The Debate Room

Matrix organizations slow down enterprises.
Dr. Guido Quelle debates with Dr. Jay Galbraith in BusinessWeek Online.

Numerous companies regard matrix organizations as an effective means to achieve success. Dr. Guido Quelle, managing shareholder of Mandat Managementberatung GmbH, is of a totally different opinion. “The matrix organization can turn out to be a dead end. The greatest danger is that it makes enterprises slow down and delay decisions,” says Quelle, who has a reputation as an expert for profitable growth and now defends his thesis against one of the most renowned American experts on organization design, Dr. Jay Galbraith.
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