Client Success Stories

The Path To Becoming an Integrated, Award-Winning Service Provider

Profitable High-Frequency Micro Logistics as Core Challenge

“One Face to the Customer” in Customer Service

Integrated Electronic Order Processing as Growth Driver

Mobilizing a Sales Region

From Uncoordinated Sales to Focused Market Handling

Logistics Outsourcing as Cost and Quality Advantage

The Road Back to Profitable Growth

Going Beyond Demanding Growth Targets

Cost Leader or Service Leader?

Stopping The Flood Of Projects And Concentrating All Forces On The Market

All’s Well That Ends Well

Administrative Change – The Path to Becoming a Customer-oriented Service Provider

Sales Activation – Radically Changing Established Procedures in Sales

From “Local Hero” To One Of The European Leaders

PRISMA – From Individual Creativity to Effective Standard Workflows in Marketing and Sales

Less Administration in Technical Purchasing, Stronger Focus On The Core Process

Committing to Strategic Directions and Designing the Future

Optimizing Administration and Production and Creating a Common Identity

Learning From The Best

Compiling Regional Knowledge To A European Product