Administrative Change – The Path to Becoming a Customer-oriented Service Provider

Client Challenge

  • One of the largest communal hospitals in Germany with over 4,000 staff and approximately 200,000 patients treated annually was faced with the task of increasing the economic efficiency of its administration against the background of drastic savings measures.
  • The grown structure of the administrative departments was not fit for the requirements of the future. Existing potentials and synergies were not leveraged.
  • The management of the hosptital engaged Mandat to work out a concept for a future and growth-oriented reform of administration.

Mandat Intervention

  • Together with the hospital’s management and the project manager we developed a sophisticated project plan.
  • Due to the political importance of the project, the Nursing Administration Manager and the Medical Directors were involved along with the representatives of the administration department. During a presentation of the project, the works council of the hospital was informed of the plan and enlisted for the project. This involvement of all multipliers right from the start was crucial for the subsequent success of the project.
  • Facilitated workshops involving all administration departments were held in order to selectively identify core competencies and core services and to evaluate the sustainability of the competencies based on uniform criteria.
  • During a further series of workshops we ascertained the relevant workflows of the administration departments. The results were understandable process landscapes for each area. The quality of the process workflows and the process results was evaluated, and sustainable and cost-efficient target processes were derived from the actual processes which take into consideration the requirements of patients, doctors, and nursing staff.
  • Based on the competencies and processes, Mandat prepared a draft for a sustainable, growth-oriented organization of the administration and a realization schedule for the implementation of the draft.


  • Both the management of the hospital and the works council have adopted the concept with only minor alterations. The supervisory board, consisting mostly of representatives of the town council, also gave its consent to the realization.
  • The administration department was transformed into a customer oriented competence center. To date, 90% of the concept have been put into practice.

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