Committing to Strategic Directions and Designing the Future

Client Challenge

A service company, one of the top 10 in its industry, was taken over by a private equity company. The company consisted of a number of subsidiaries which operated on the market as independent units. Our clients, the CEO and the Chairman of the company, understood the need for transparently summarizing the market segment strategies of the subsidiaries as well as the strategy of the overall organization in order to allow systematic growth in future.

Mandat Intervention

  • In a multi-level, facilitated process which involved the Chairman, the CEO and the CFO recently gained for the project, we initially defined the strategy of the overall organization and documented the resolutions passed so they would still be comprehensible at a later stage.
  • Additionally involving the general directors of each of the subsidiaries, we drafted the market segment strategies of the subsidiary companies. We critically analyzed potential strategic and operative risks, concentrated on the specifics of some of the business units and held discussions to examine the potential existing among those responsible.
  • This top-down approach in combination with the ongoing consultation among the core team and the Chairman, the CEO, and the CFO made it possible to identify additional synergies which could then be leveraged through a more co-ordinated collaboration between the subsidiary companies.
  • Optimizing the processes at the holding company, we concentrated specifically on the administrative processes and the IT processes. In facilitated meetings we identified bottlenecks and potentials and provided a realization schedule that was carried out step by step during the periodic working meetings held at the company.
  • We compiled all results in a structured documentation which also became the basis of the dialogue with the investor.


  • The strategies of the holding company and the subsidiaries have been described and bindingly adopted both by the company’s management and by the investor.
  • The strategies have been communicated to selected persons. The subsidiary companies are familiar with their exact positions within the group. Issues causing confusion have been resolved.
  • Two newly acquired subsidiary companies have been successfully integrated into the group.

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