Compiling Regional Knowledge to a European Product

Client Challenge

One of the European leaders in logistics services found that there was extensive know-how on retail companies at the overall organization but that this know-how was not compiled at any one location..Since retail companies are one of the core target groups of the enterprise, our client, the Group Director Business Development, was faced with the challenge to use individual pieces of information and from them create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Mandat Intervention

  • We planned, designed and facilitated a workshop “Retail Strategy & Service”, attended by corporate retail experts from 12 countries.
  • Initially, we held a fundamental lecture on “The Future of Retailing” to sharpen the focus.
  • In single, pre-structured lectures were identified the specifics of individual countries with regard to the retail logistics market.
  • In the course of a validation sequence, the most interesting retail industries in the countries and with regard to the overall enterprise were identified on the basis of the experts’ know-how. The same method was applied to foreseeable trends.


  • Two central questions have been answered:
    1) How is retail know-how achieved within a country and brought into the organization?
    2) How are insights from countries used sensibly at the overall organization?
  • A special European Retail Competence Team has been formed.
  • A format consisting of six stages which enables the client to discuss logistics challenges and their solutions with retail companies without exaggerating the canvassing aspect has been created in the guise of a customer loyalty instrument.
  • The format has been integrated successfully into the customer relations work of the enterprise.

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