From “Local Hero” to One of the European Leaders

Client Challenge

Our clients, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Managing Directors of a middle-sized trade company in the health industry, were faced with the challenge of significant growth. The business unit was taken over by a private equity company; both parties committed themselves to strive for profitable, sustainable growth.

Mandat Intervention

  • In multiple strategic workshops, we developed a medium term strategy working together with the management and the chairman. This strategy was continued on an ongoing basis in order to account for current insights.
  • We supported the client in the reorganization of the core processes, in particular in the efficient redesign of logistic workflows, and encouraged significant cost cuttings in the outbound area.
  • In collaboration with Mandat, merchandise purchasing was professionalized and the foundations were laid for an improvement in results amounting to several hundred thousand Euros.
  • In small meetings with just the management a new price concept was adopted.
  • Since the company had grown into one the industry leaders in Europe after some acquisitions and the establishment of new companies, we improved the strategy for procedure together with the responsible country officers, in particular in Hungary and the Czech Republic. In this context, the processes between individual countries and the German headquarters were also laid down in great detail.
  • We created an overall project control system to ensure that what limited resources there were could be focused on those issues that have the greatest impact.
  • Creating a special project, we ensured the professional filling of positions at yet another acquisition which represents a complementary part of the value added chain. In this case, the focus was on the professionalization of the sales department.


  • The enterprise turned from “local hero” to one of the leading industry players in Europe.
  • The management can fall back on a functioning country organization. Every country officer is additionally responsible for special issues within the entire organization.
  • The purchasing conditions have been significantly improved, the price level was raised by an above-average amount, the entire group is boasting continuous and profitable growth.

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