From Uncoordinated Sales to Focused Market Handling

Client Challenge

Our clients, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of a listed trade company, were unhappy both with the rather haphazard approach of the sales force and the market share situation, which had not changed in years. While the operation was growing profitably, the growth of performance was mainly based on an increased productivity and not on stronger growth of market shares.

Mandat Intervention

  • During an initialization workshop, together with our client we defined a target-oriented project structure and identified key persons and other decision-makers who would drive this project in which the entire enterprise was to be involved.
  • The kick-off of the project was of particular importance since it was at this stage that the project manager and all part project managers were appointed. Following that, both the project and all part projects were planned in great detail.
  • Mandat designed a method of increasing concretization, where the conception came first, followed by the actual implementation. 16 sub-projects were initialized on a time-staggered basis, each focusing on a bundle of measures relevant to marketing and sales. We consistently ensured that the administrative and purchase-related processes were covered along with the development of the main processes, thus ensuring optimal support of the sales organization.
  • By planning 6 identical implementation projects for the sales regions we made sure that the measures would be implemented in the same manner everywhere. Throughout our work, we took care that the day-to-day business was not affected by the project activities.
  • Organizing a National Sales Conference, we had around 150 sales staff participate in parallel workshops during a few hours. That way, it was ensured that implementation was not hindered for ego-related reasons and we avoided the “not-invented-here” syndrom.
  • In addition, we supported the setup of a customer co-operation system as an effective instrument for customer retention.


  • The market share of the enterprise increased significantly.
  • By now, customers have selected the company several times as one of the Top 3 of their preferred partners.
  • The sales organization has been provided with a new portfolio of options and possibilities for winning additional customers and retaining existing customers. The market is developed consistently in a structured and co-ordinated manner.
  • Thanks to the newly developed sales controlling, the results of important marketing activities become immediately visible and available to the management board as a control instrument.

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