Integrated Electronic Order Processing as Growth Driver

Client Challenge

While our client, one of the worldwide leaders in logistics services with agencies in over 100 countries, had a user-friendly e-business portal offering various services to customers, the mapping of administrative processes was not entirely possible through the Internet. The resulting process breaks accordingly caused errors in the workflows. In addition, it was planned to develop more add-on services in order to further strengthen our client’s competitiveness.

Mandat Intervention

  • Having drawn-up the project plan together with the client, the success factors relevant for that particular enterprise were identified by holding facilitated workshops. In the course of the process design, the conventional order processing methods were recorded and a future “e-order processing” was defined using a special Mandat method.
  • Involving the process owners and the IT experts, the concept was reviewed for feasibility and an implementation plan with the targets both for contents and time lines plus future responsibilities was drawn up.
  • In a creative sequence, we and the team then defined new add-on services which are to be available to customers in future.


  • There is a detailed description of how to process orders with a minimum of conventional administrative effort.
  • New add-on services have been defined.
  • Electronic order processing has been implemented and is available at the Internet portal.

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