Learning from the Best

Client Challenge

Our client, the CEO of a strongly growing European fashion leader with multiple brands saw a significant effectiveness and efficiency potential in identifying, securing, making available and multiplying best practices with regard to the brands.

Mandat Intervention

  • We developed a best practice format that was initially started in the area of sales and subsequently extended to the areas of purchasing and product development.
  • In facilitated monthly meetings those responsible reported about their results and discussed one or two select issues which had been previously defined.
  • We ensured that relevant insights were compiled and that they resulted in the passing of resolutions. The resulting best practices from each of the brands are, if possible, consolidated into best practice, documented and made available at the level of the group of companies. Implementation is the task of the operating executives.


  • The Sales Best Practice format was ready for practical implementation after a period of 12 months. The Purchasing and Product Development Best Practice format is in place.
  • Thanks to multiple Best Practice examples, the company has already gained significant advantages with regard to speedy processes since facts have to be thought through only once and need not be developed in parallel at multiple locations.
  • For new employees the Best Practice documentation represents excellent schooling material which enables them to achieve productive results within a shorter period of time.
  • The large number of different processes has been cut down; at the same time, the management effort that is required on holding level to compare the brands has been noticeably reduced.

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