Mobilizing a Sales Region

Client Challenge

Our client, the Chief Sales OFficer (CSO) of a successful, profitable, listed 2 bn Euros company had one problematic area on its sales map: A price war raged in one of the sales regions, caused by the competitors’ merciless claims for market shares and a lack of internal co-ordination at the sales organization. The region did not have the necessary size to withstand the pressure in the long run. However, profitable growth was the top item on our client’s agenda.

Mandat Intervention

  • Together with the CSO, the Regional Sales Director and those responsible at the relevant branch establishments, we swiftly and accurately pinned down the main causes of the current economic situation and the market share situation of the branches.
  • A project team was formed with representatives from all branch establishments. The first measure consisted in allocating another branch establishment to the region in order to increase market clout.
  • We identified action for the three key levels: 1) market and customers, 2) operative efficiency, 3) competitive analysis. Implementation was ensured by means of a streamlined project management process.
  • During the course of the project we made sure that the new, proven procedures were integrated into the routine processes.


  • The negative development of results was stopped noticeably within one year and turned on an upward path.
  • Customers honored the new initiatives with additional purchases.
  • The most demanding target for the new financial year was achieved.

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