“One Face to the Customer” in Customer Service

Client Challenge

  • Our client, the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of a listed wholesale company with a turnover of over one billion Euros, was not happy with the inconsistent after-sales service at the 14 branch establishments of the company.
  • The after-sales service was not sufficiently competitive and not in a position to drive growth. Each branch establishment acted at their own discretion without there being any co-ordination whatsoever. Customers phoned in anywhere in the company when they had a question or needed to discuss a problem. The complexity and the related costs increased substantially.

Mandat Intervention

  • In collaboration with the CSO and the National Sales Director we planned an “after-sales service” activation project. We selected a pilot approach by initially developing and testing the new concept at only one branch establishment.
  • The project team was filled with the most efficient employees not just from the after-sales service but also from Sales and Operations. A member of the works council was also involved since the changes brought about by the project also affected shift schedules and working hours.
  • With the project team, we then worked out exactly what workflows were necessary to give a client immediate access to a competent contact who would answer all relevant questions, working from the background. To achieve this, we reviewed the customers’ most common requests and reasons for calling.
  • In the course of a controlled exchange of information we made sure that all branch establishment had the chance to share their experience with the others.
  • Based on the actual number of calls and the calling times, we then fixed customer-focused opening hours for the service center, changing shift schedules and working hours, and creating a data base containing FAQs.
  • We supported the team in the creation of a concept for future personnel development in after-sales service and ensured that the successful concept was rolled out on a country-wide basis.


  • By calling a central phone number, customers have access a competent contact who can either give them the required information or makes sure they receive an answer within 24 hours.
  • This puts an end to uncontrolled calls to any and all parts of the operation, relieving the operative areas and raising productivity by up to 10%.
  • The enterprise has a new instrument for measuring customer satisfaction and thus a new tool for continuous improvement.
  • The concept has been multiplied throughout the country.

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