Optimizing Administration and Production and Creating a Common Identity

Client Challenge

A specialized mechanical engineering company, the subsidiary of a worldwide market leader, had consolidated its operations – previously located at two sites – at one location in the course of a reorganization process. A demanding reorganization project, managed by our client, the General Manager of the enterprise, was scheduled to make a significant contribution to the successful future of the enterprise.

Mandat Intervention

  • We took over the support for three of the six parts of the project. These sub-projects primarily addressed the reorganization of processes. Together with our client, we drafted detailed plans for these part projects. The remaining three part projects were to be processed internally.
  • Together with our client, we set up the project team and placed its members under the obligation to follow a binding procedure.
  • In order to make the project more efficient, we made sure that the three part projects supported by us as well as the other three part projects were interconnected and that reporting to the client was possible at all times.
  • One of our core tasks consisted in involving the employees in the work, using the project as a means for creating a common identity of the staff which came from what had previously been two locations. The notion of “winners” and “losers” was to be avoided.
  • We analyzed the relevant processes, identified potentials, defined realistic target processes and created a feasible realization plan the processing of which we ensured through periodic reviews.
  • We carefully documented both the project workflow and the project outcome in order to provide the company with a basis for future projects.
  • In the course of an adjusting process, we ensured that the new procedures were carefully grounded in day-to-day business and were given the space to fully develop their potential.


  • The administrative processes have been streamlined.
  • The production processes attended to by us have been optimized so that they meet the requirements of the new constellation at a new location.
  • There is a strong commitment of the employees on the results.
  • A significant contribution has been made towards a common identity.

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