PRISMA – From Individual Creativity to Effective Standard Workflows in Marketing and Sales

Client Challenge

The managers of the German express business of a worldwide leader in logistics services became increasingly aware of the fact that the Marketing & Sales organization was not sufficiently aligned. While there were redundancies in some areas, other transactions went entirely untouched for extensive periods of time. Individual coordination processes cost time, resources and nerves.

Mandat Intervention

  • Together with an extensive project team, which represented all relevant aspects of the performance processes in marketing and sales, we created the PRISMA (Process Improvement Sales and Marketing) project. The aim of the project was to design the work more effectively and efficiently and to increase quality and customer satisfaction in the medium run, thus creating the basis for higher turnover.
  • We drafted the project during a two-day kick-off meeting with those involved and subsequently made sure that the 11 part projects were planned with the same precision.
  • In a first step, we concentrated on observing the major sales channels (Industry Sales, Telesales, Consumer Direct) as well as Customer Care and the sales control system in order to identify interfaces and bottlenecks.
  • We defined a Business Process Owner for each core process who was involved in the project by the manager of the relevant part project.
  • Bearing in mind the size of the project team we developed a standardized project reporting system and a part project fact file so that the project participants were able to keep abreast of relevant aspects of a part project at any given time.
  • We helped with the definition and development of a quality management system intended to sustainably support the area of marketing and sales through meaningful, adequate standardization.
  • Together with those responsible we created a process landscape for the entire Express service area. Working on the content of the project, we recorded all actual processes and defined target processes and interfaces in order to set up a new, process-oriented sales and marketing organization. In doing so, we created the basis for the corporate system process handling.


  • The sales process at the 28 branch establishments in Germany has been standardized and designed in accordance with best practice.
  • Process performance is measurable on the basis of unique key performance indicators.
  • Incorporation and familiarization of employees is faster thanks to unequivocal training documentation.
  • The quality management system developed has been certified according to ISO 9000.
  • Time to create an interface between customers’ workflows and the service provider’s workflows is reduced by approx. 50% percent.
  • The basis for higher quality in marketing and sales, for higher customer satisfaction and stronger growth of turnover is built.

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