Profitable High-Frequency Micro Logistics as Core Challenge

Client Challenge

Following the fundamental decision to reintegrate the logistics operations into the organization, our client, the COO of a company with more than 3,000 staff, was faced with the challenge to set up – as quickly as possible – a new, profitable high-frequency micro logistics operation for delivering supplies to up to 11,000 points of sale several times a day.

Mandat Intervention

  • In meetings with just a few select participants we helped the COO create an organizational and process-oriented draft of the most promising solution. Together with the CEO and the COO, we prepared templates for the management board and the supervisory board, obtaining the corresponding approval of the committees for the new concept.
  • Holding facilitated meetings with the management of the newly established logistics company, we developed the entire detailed realization concept including the time schedule and the assignment of responsibilities. Acting as co-pilots, we consistently supported the implementation of the concept through meticulous project management, defined the contents of the relevant business processes, trained the staff at the headquarters, facilitated the project review meetings and involved the management board in its capacity as principal through regular reporting.
  • We devised a quality management system and provided the entire relevant training documentation. We trained the corporate multipliers all over Germany at interactive workshops lasting several days each time so that skills could later be cascaded to further employees.
  • Together with the management of the logistics company and the COO of the parent company, we developed a sustainable concept that allows our client to take over the logistics services of other customers as well. We supported a pilot project that dealt with winning a new customer for the logistics company.


  • The logistics company fully took over operations within ten months of foundation, i.e. two months earlier than planned. More than 1,000 vehicles supply more than 20,000 POS, in some cases several times a day. If necessary, individual POS can be served separately from the rest within the shortest time through special delivery.
  • The parent company has full control over the value-added chain and therefore over the contacts with the POS.
  • The certified quality management system was set up within just 9 months. The certifier commended that it normally took “two to three years” to build up such a system from zero.
  • In its second year, the logistics company, originally planned as an internal service provider, already won other customers.

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