Sales Activation – Radically Changing Established Procedures in Sales

Client Challenge

Our client, the Managing Shareholder of a prospering medium-sized family enterprise with several independent strategic business units was not happy with the sales performance at one of the divisions, a healthcare company. The company followed established patterns instead of venturing in new directions. It observed the marked instead of taking the initiative. There was no guided innovation process, and the marketing work was rather haphazard. Growth was still satisfactory, but did not meet the expectations of the company owners.

Mandat Intervention

  • Together with the General Managers of the company, we designed a plan for a well-aimed activation of sales. We interviewed all sales representatives using a standardized questionnaire and analyzed the actual processes at the sales department.
  • We helped with the dialog between the management and the shareholder concerning the development of a focused sales approach, oriented consistently on the potentials and the demands of the customers. Selective moderation and mediation also enabled the shareholder and the general managers to discuss matters productively.
  • Mandat attended to the restructuring of the sales regions and the introduction of a sales control system that allows faster identification of successes.
  • The responsibilities at management level were redefined. Periodic sales meetings ensure that sales orders have a higher priority than used to be case before.
  • A facilitated strategy workshop was held in order to illuminate and develop the strategic and tactical options of the company in collaboration with the management and second-tier officers.
  • We supported the design and implementation of a marketing plan and the professionalization of the innovation and product development process.


  • The responsibilities at management level are clearly defined which helps to avoid friction.
  • The dialog between the management and the shareholder has been put on a professional and factual basis.
  • The sales force follows clear sales orders.
  • The company has for the first time posted a two-digit growth in sales.

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