Tangible and intangible results


  • Achieved leading profitability in the industry in Europe.
  • Increased operating results from -10% to +3% of sales within 12 months.
  • Exceeded EBITDA by 30% compared to budget.
  • Increased productivity in wholesale performance by up to 52%.
  • Improved purchasing terms by up to 15% – with better service.
  • Quick economic turn-around of loss-making companies and business units through strategic alignment on growth, often within a period of only 12 months.
  • Created clear directions by focusing on external and internal customer requirements.
  • Reduced one-time investments by 25 million Euros compared to budget, and achieved regular savings of 5 million Euros.
  • Restored growth capacity after a long restructuring period through the specific involvement of capable employees as multipliers.
  • Relevant work fields are identified much more quickly by management board committees.
  • Reduced average meeting frequency and meeting duration by half – with simultaneously higher effectiveness


  • Up to 20% time savings at management board level through professional conflict resolution in terms of a win-win-win approach.
  • Quicker and more targeted growth through binding and jointly made decisions regarding strategy throughout the entire management level.
  • Cut in half the time required to make strategic and critical operative decisions – with higher decision-making quality.
  • Accelerated implementation of key projects by up to 100% compared to experience to date.
  • Significantly increased management effectiveness by adopting client methodology at the organisation.


  • Drastic reduction of misunderstandings arising in projects based on a binding and clear commitment on the part of executives and employees to be directed by common goals.
  • Significantly accelerated international expansion – achieving break-even status faster than expected.
  • Ensured smooth transitions for outsourcing projects through profitable contracts.
  • Noticeably lowered complexity, significantly improved business terms and ensured future viability by streamlining supplier portfolio by 30-40%.
  • Institutionalised permanent performance improvements by introducing Best Practices.
  • Up to 50% cost and time savings through drastic reduction in the number of ongoing internal projects.
  • Increased productivity of internal departments by up to 30%.
  • Increased effectiveness of key personnel through targeted content and methodical support.
  • Improved efficiency within the entire national and international logistics chain by up to 30%.
  • Achieved up to seven-digit savings through targeted leverage of potentials among value chain partners.
  • Reduced logistics costs by up to 20%.
  • Significantly increased flexibility through the specific identification and low-friction implementation of outsource potentials.


  • Created error-free processes through consistent involvement of sales, production and logistics.
  • Accelerated innovation processes by up to 30% and significantly reduced flop rate.
  • Streamlined “From order to cash” process chain following restructuring phase and made it fit for growth.
  • Full transparency on the current status of the company’s key projects in “real time”.
  • Consistently aligned company administration to internal and external customer requirements.
  • Created independence through the selective in-sourcing of defined processes.
  • Created process-oriented organisational structures which provide sustained support for profitable growth.
  • Lowered administration costs by up to 30% – with significantly improved process speeds.
  • Drastically increased quality and speed of order processes.
  • Reduced error rate to up to 0.5% through the introduction of an effective quality management system.

Sales & Marketing

  • Significantly accelerated market penetration through consistent cooperation between marketing and sales departments.
  • Increased profitability of sales by up to 20% – with identical costs.
  • Reduced number of discussions on product range by up to 50% through structured
  • work with purchasing, sales and marketing.
  • Improved quality of delivery performance to customers to up to 99.5%.