Plan Lead Grow

„Plan Lead Grow – Systematic Approaches to Success”

About the book

Did you know that in your company probably half of the ongoing projects are superfluous, or why it is misplaced ambition to want to motivate employees, or why it is sometimes better not to set up teams? Dr. Guido Quelle and his colleagues provide the answers to these and many other questions.
Corporate change projects tend to fail both because of their imprecise definition as well as their inconsistent implementation. This book shows how stringent methodology can contribute to not merely drafting coprorate issues but to implement such projects in a targeted way. The book presents ideas and approaches all of which can actually be put into practice because they are taken from practice.

“I find Guido to be one of the brightest thinkers and thought leaders coming out of Europe. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a top executive in a large organization, this book will provoke you and is sure to generate innovative ideas to improve you and your organization.” Chad Barr, Author of “Million Dollar Web Presence”, President, CB Software, Inc., Shaker Heights, OH.

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