How to lead your company to profitable and sustainable growth – not just restricted to financial figures

You achieve a lot in your company. You have many ideas for improving your business and you have more ideas than hands for carrying out those ideas. You are aware that your business needs to grow in order to stay on the road to success. You are also aware that you need a powerful and effective mixture of short-term and long-term growth to ensure ongoing success. You are looking for an external partner specialized in creating profitable, sustainable growth who together with you will make your company reap the deserved success in all areas.

At which of the following three stages do you currently see your company?

At each stage there is a number of questions that needs answering.
These are the questions that cause the most concern to our clients in the different stages:

Stage 1:

Your company is growing continuously, perhaps even above average.

Related questions:

How can we use the current positive momentum in the market to drive and increase growth?
What do we have to do at this stage in order to kick off more innovations?
Is the organization ready for further growth?
How should be design our organization and our leadership and control processes in order to establish a solid foundation for growth, not just externally but also internally?

Stage 2:

Your company is not growing or not growing at the desired speed; or growth is not moving much beyond zero line.

Related questions:

What challenges do we see at the horizon which may jeopardize our position? How can we effectively face such challenges?
How can we significantly increase our innovation speed on a short-term basis?
What internal growth brakes do we want to and do we have to resolve as quickly as possible?

Stage 3:

Your company is caught in a downward trend and you want it to move in the direction of growth again.

Related questions:

What action do we have to take without delay in order to correct our course?
What potential is there with regard to our customers and suppliers, products and services, employees and managers, processes and procedures?
What significant turnover and cost potential can be realized straight away if we dedicate all our efforts to this task?
What risks are we willing to take?
What actually is the direction we are heading in?
What comes after the turn-around?

In all three stages, what often counts is not doing more of the same but choosing to leave out certain things in order to create more space for intelligent solutions – which in the best case will soon start producing results.
This is done in three dimensions:
Effective strategy and leadership
Structured organization and powerful core processes
Marketing supported by a strong concept and active sales

The success of a consulting project is decided not at the conception stage but during implementation. We can do both: If you like, we will immediately implement the growth concept developed together with your employees. Engaging Mandat, you have an intensifier at your disposition that provides precise thinking and consistent action.

Here are some typical results achieved by consulting projects supported by Mandat.
Here is what our clients say about working with Mandat.