Personal Consultant (Platinum)

In addition to the Coaching Program, we will meet once a month in order to work on your specific targets. This may include advising you on technical issues or supporting you as a silent observer during presentations, talks, or in decision making or leadership situations, afterwards giving feedback and advice. You will profit immensely from direct interaction with your personal consultant.

The Mandat Executive Coaching Program is subject to following agreements:

As a rule, we will answer your phone calls on the same working day, e-mails are generally answered within 24 hours, faxes and letters are answered within a week.

There is no billing by the hour or the minute; the coaching fee agreed covers all services previously discussed.

The Mandat Executive Coaching Program cannot be transferred to others.

Each of the programs can be interrupted once, suspended for some time, and reassumed.

Mandat Executive Coaches:

Every coach has 15 or more years of experience in coaching top executives. Together, we will identify the Executive Coach that best matches your needs. Apart from personal factors, professional skills play an important part here.

Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle
Susanne Fiss-Quelle

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