Time and again, clients are surprised when they experience Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle not just as expert, consultant and coach but also as inspiring, experienced and entertaining speaker.

You are planning a congress, a conference or a major staff event? You are looking for an expert who not only has the necessary professional depth and experience but is also able to communicate content in an entertaining and enthusiastic manner so that your listeners can apply the lessons learned to their own situation?

If so, we should talk.

Views expressed by the audience

Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle at the German Private Equity Conference


Here you can access the YouTube-Channel with numerous presentation clips and participant voices.

“Growth is vital and, with a brilliant lecture, Dr. Quelle has shown us a new perspective.”

Dr. Dr. Peter Spary, Managing Member of the Board,
Verein zur Förderung der Wettbewerbswirtschaft e.V.

“This evening, Dr. Quelle has not only inspired us but through clear examples has shown the way to true growth from within.”

Michael Radau, Chairman, SuperBioMarkt AG, Münster

“In an information-packed hour, the topic ‘Navigating in Rough Seas’ was analyzed, teaching the audience about crucial elements of both leadership and how to conduct oneself.”
Dr. Stephan Tank, DHL Express Deutschland, DHL Hub Leipzig

Examples of speeches held by Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle include:

1. Strategy & Growth

  • The Call for Help: Growth Comes from Inside
  • No limits: Identifying and Removing barriers to Business Growth
  • Focus on People: Growth Strategies in Family Businesses
  • Go the Extra Mile: Enthusiastic Instead of Merely Satisfied Customers
  • Allies or Enemies? How Mergers (Fail to) Work

2. Organization & Leadership

  • Leadership in Rough Seas: Ensuring Growth Now
  • Assuming Responsibility for Growth: Stop All Motivation Programs
  • Are You Still Reorganizing or Already Growing?
  • Leadership 2.0: Successful Leadership in the Future
  • I Have a Project Therefore I Am: Why 50% of Your Projects Are Superfluous

3. Self Management

  • Day-to-day Operations: The Natural Enemy of Strategy
  • I Don’t Have Time: Why You Can’t Manage Your Time
  • Do You Stand in Your Own Way? Seven Steps to Professional and Personal Success