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Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle is an internationally renowned expert and speaker on strategies for profitable growth, management of growing organizations, and removing impediments for growth. His repertoire includes lectures and speeches at corporate events and management conferences as well as keynote speeches at trade fairs, conferences and congresses.

Listeners profit from well-founded, highly topical knowledge communicated in an entertaining and powerful manner. The aim of each speech by Prof. Quelle is to give his audience concrete, effective starting points for changing their action.

Views expressed by audience, clients, and the press

Stefan Albrink, Managing Board Marketing & Sales, DENIOS AG
about Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle and his speech “Growth Comes from Within”

  • “In many businesses today, growth is seen as being largely one-dimensional. As guest lecturer at our spring convention, Dr. Quelle reminds us in an inspiring way of what growth really means and how simple it can be to grow if every company employee not only understands growth in the same way, but internalizes the concept. For that, I would like to thank Dr. Quelle.”
    Magister Josef Siess, Mitglied des Vorstandes, Billa AG, Wiener Neudorf, Österreich
  • “Thank you for the inspiring content and exciting presentation at our fall convention, one of our association’s most important events! We very much enjoyed hearing you. The audience was transported. And above all, you gave them something practical for the growth of their own companies to take home with them.”
    Nikolai Malanowski, Geschäftsführer, Wirtschaftsverband Großhandel Metallzeug e. V. (WGM), Berlin
  • “I have come to know Dr. Quelle as a brilliant consultant in the field of profitable growth for businesses and institutions. I am looking forward to working together in the future.”
    Helmut an de Meulen, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Materna GmbH, Dortmund
  • “The your masterful presentation enthralled the participants. More than anything else, your informal style of speaking and the support of the content with comprehensible examples from daily life compelled the audience’s undivided attention. You have contributed significantly to the success of Germany’s Consultants Day.”
    Christoph Weyrather, Geschäftsführer des Bundesverbandes Deutscher Unternehmensberater e. V., Bonn
  • “Dr. Quelle has briefly, incisively, and usefully presented the core issues in the sales arena – and has done so in such variety as I have never before experienced.”
    Rechtsanwalt Philipp Krupke, Hauptgeschäftsführer CDH e. V.
  • “Thank you so much for your inspiring address. You were a true asset for our conference!”
    Ellen Löffler, Leiterin Interne Kommunikation, Billa AG, Österreich
  • “I would like to thank your for your engaging presentation yesterday to our assembled members.  . . . I was impressed by the clarity with which you described the need for resolve in the areas of quality and honesty.  . . . For me, your presentation was the highlight of the evening.”
    Andreas Ramacher, Dortmund
  • “The National Sales Conference was . . . magnificent. My colleagues are still talking about it today.”
    Jörg Brandl, Regionaler Verkaufsleiter, Andreae-Noris Zahn AG, Frankfurt am Main
  • “The headline ‘Time Management’ . . . is sensationally understated. The presentation was very much oriented toward the practical. The individual topics can be implemented right away, one for one.”
    Andreas Kujawski, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Unicorn Geld- und Wertdienstleistungen, Hannover
  • “It is remarkable . . . the way in which so many technical errors . . . so often insinuate themselves into everyday work . . . For this reason, it is extremely important to envision the better way forward at every opportunity. Preferably, of course, by exploiting such a well-structured presentation of such interesting material . . . ”
    Klaus J. Hoppe, Niederlassungsleiter, DHL Express Deutschland, Bielefeld
  • “I very much enjoyed your presentation. For me, it was a good mixture of case studies and management skills. Furthermore, the entire program was dynamic and engaging.”
    Claudia Böhnert, Inhaberin Courage Strategieberatung, Frankfurt
  • “Many thanks once again for your most interesting workshop. We can safely say that all the participants were delighted.”
    Manuela Schilling, Verband Beratender Ingenieure e. V.,  Berlin
  • “At your workshop for the Young Professionals of the Association of Consulting Engineers in Fulda, you offered a great many suggestions for finding ways and means of getting a handle on the growth of our engineering company. For that, many thanks yet again!”
    Otto-Ewald Marek, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Sonntag-Ingenieure GmbH, Berlin/Brandenburg
  • “The issues confronting an engineering-services provider were addressed in a purposeful and well-structured manner; implementable solutions were offered in sufficient detail. The value added is evident!”
    Norman Beherzig, Geschäftsführer/ CEO, GET Planungsgesellschaft Energietechnik mbH, Frankfurt / Main
  • “A far-reaching expansion of consciousness that helps me to sharpen the vision essential to an entrepreneur and, in good times, to bring strategic measures purposely into the foreground.”
    Mathias Krause, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Surcon Facility Management GmbH, Hamburg
  • “It was fantastic to have you with us, and it was great fun to have had the opportunity to hear you.”
    Phillipine Racz, HSMA Deutschland e. V.
  • “In his inspirational speech, Dr. Guido Quelle told of companies that have no need to keep their customers on a leash, but instead so delight them that the company must almost inevitably flourish.”
    Das sind wir – Magazin des Marketing-Clubs Duisburg Niederrhein
  • “With his mischievous smile and twinkling eyes, Guido Quelle can’t be anything but instantly likable to anyone.”
    Ruhr Nachrichten
  • “In his lecture, Guido Quelle outlined a successful, practical, and individually adjustable way forward, showing how wholesalers and retailers can position themselves as brands in a way that ties them to their customers for the long haul.”
    Marketing Brief
  • “With considerable pleasure, I incorporated your interesting observations yesterday. A heartfelt thanks for this entertaining presentation.”
    Andreas Reich, Geschäftsführer, Can-Do-GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt / Main
  • “Many thanks for your terrific presentation before USM. It was lively and most interesting, with no ifs, ands, or buts.”
    Robert Forster, Geschäftsführer, cbo Computer- und Bürotechnikvertrieb Oberland GmbH, Schliersee
  •  “In your statements, you once again consistently point out the essentials of management, precisely and logically.”
    Alfred Karl, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Tante Fanny Frischteig GmbH, A – Schwertberg
  • “An extraordinarily interesting talk.”
    Dirk Kallies, Key Account Manager, FEMEG Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH, Rehna
  • “Many thanks for the most interesting presentation to the Sagaflor stockholder’s meeting a week ago in Bremen. You have greatly stimulated me on several fronts. You have given me a number of terrific ideas to pursue.”
    Andreas Streb, Geschäftsführer, Gartencenter Streb GmbH, Pforzheim


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