Many clients have asked us if we can pass on our knowledge in compressed form within a few days. With our high-level workshops from the Growth Driver series you are one step ahead if you fill up on up-to-date knowledge on growth opportunities, achieve direct improvements for your company, and create the conditions for turning knowledge into capability.

This is how you can profit from one of the workshops:

At the open workshops, apart from learning about professional issues you will have a chance to share experiences with other participants. This is an ideal additional source of insight.

In a corporate, closed workshop, we and a high-caliber team of your employees will focus intensively on the needs of your business. This is the perfect solution if you want to commit your team to a joint course.

These high-caliber workshops are aimed at company managers and regional heads of companies with upwards of approx. 100 employees. Please understand that on these occasions we do not provide basic training for junior managers but want to give an experienced circle of participants the chance to develop new opportunities for growth.

Our open workshops are generally held only once per year with a limited number of participants. Book your place in good time and do not loose any time on the road to growth.

Growth Driver “Strategy”: Create Profitable Growth On A Sustainable Basis.

Growth Driver “Leadership”: Define Your Growth Course and Make Your Team Come to Full Swing.

Growth Driver “Project Management”: Throw 50% Over Board and Focus On The Essentials.

Growth Driver “Decision-making”: Take Better Decisions Faster and With A Higher Hit Ratio.

Growth Driver “Internal Processes”: Significantly Increase The Operative Performance of Your Organization.

Growth Driver “Teams”: Build A High-Performance Team That Really Deserves the Name.

Growth Driver, Sales“ – Driving New Growth With Less Cost of Acquisition.