Growth Driver “Teams”: Build a High-Performance Team that Really Deserves the Name.

Teams are “hip”, and they can be quite effective indeed. But: Not every task requires a team, and not every so-called team is a team that truly deserves its name. Real high-performance teams are particularly rare. Those who have ever seen one in action will not forget it so soon.

In this workshop, we will put an end to some myths about “teams” and show you how to create a real high-performance team. One that serves the interests of your company.

Among other things, the following results will be reached:

  • You know the indicators for identifying a team.
  • You know how to identify and dethrone pseudo teams.
  • Your are able to quickly recognize work preferences and to put together a team in accordance with the given work preferences.
  • You can handle major areas of conflict arising between the team and the line organization.
  • You have the means and methods to put together a high-performance team.


The target group are senior executives reporting to the company management/the board.


1 day with the option of an extra half-day for special topics and a question & answer session.


EUR 1,500 plus VAT for the first day, another EUR 450 plus VAT for the optional extra half day (which can be booked only in conjunction with the first day).

Two-day intensive in-house workshop:

We can also offer you this workshop as a two-day intensive in-house workshop during which we will coach a team performing a concrete task.

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