Growth Driver “Strategy”: Create Profitable Growth on a Sustainable Basis.

Have you asked yourself many times before how you can drive your strategy process more consistently? Do you have many good ideas on the table or in your head and are you looking for a method to implement such ideas efficiently? Are your employees looking for a concrete framework of action?

If you want to sharpen the focus of your strategy and especially if you want to accelerate the implementation of your strategy, then this workshop is just right for you.

Please note: Attendance is limited to one company per branch of industry. By limiting the number of participants we want to make sure that we can properly deal with all aspects of your specific situation.

The workshop will cover thematic areas such as:

  • Why is the difference between “customer requests” and “customer needs” relevant for success and how can I communicate this idea to my employees?
  • How do we build a forward-facing strategy covering the entire value-added chain?
  • How do we identify our actual core competences and what do we make of them?
  • How do we gain a pole position in the competitive environment?
  • How can ensure that price plays a minor role?


Participants of this workshop are successful executive managers, directors and entrepreneurs who whish to not only gain new insights but also want to benefit from shared experiences.


1 day with the option of an extra half-day for special topics and a question & answer session.


EUR 2,100 plus VAT for the first day; another EUR 750 plus VAT for the optional extra half day (which can be booked only in conjunction with the first day).

We can also offer you this workshop as a two-day intensive in-house workshop.

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