Growth Driver “Leadership”: Define Your Growth Course and Make Your Team Come to Full Swing.

Do you know this situation? You have a fantastic idea for developing your enterprise and have shared this idea with your employees in truly brilliant fashion. The bottleneck: Your employees do not implement the idea with the desired intensity and depth. Is it your fault? The fault of your employees? Or are both you and your employees responsible?

This workshop will point the way if you already understand the root of the problem: external motivation is not only difficult to achieve and very short-lived, it is also quite unnecessary. You will learn ways to rev up your team and gain more time for yourself in which to dedicate yourself to issues of strategic leadership.

Please note: Participation is limited to one company per branch of industry. By limiting the number of participants we want to make sure that we can properly cover all aspects of your specific situation.

The workshop will cover thematic areas such as:

  • Why executive staff cannot be paid to motivate a team.
  • Love it, change it, or leave it – consistency results in motivation.
  • No matter what anyone tells you – offer a reward for growth only.
  • Where are the impediments to growth within the company?
  • How can be multiply leadership?


Participants of this workshop are successful executive managers, directors and entrepreneurs and other senior officers who whish to not only gain new insights but also want to profit from shared experiences.


1 day with the option of an extra half-day for special topics and a question & answer session.


EUR 1,900 plus VAT for the first day; another EUR 550 plus VAT for the optional extra half day (which can be booked only in conjunction with the first day).

We can also offer you this workshop as a two-day intensive in-house workshop.

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