Growth Driver “Internal Processes”: Significantly Increase the Operative Performance of Your Organization.

How often are internal processes restructured at your company? How often are internal and external customers involved in this process? How satisfied are you with the internal process work?

During this intensive workshop, a process method is introduced which requires neither a software tool nor threatens to get lost in the depths of your organization. You have everything under control all the time and proceed “top-down”, thus creating a consistent organization that is geared towards success quickly and efficiently.

Critical lessons learned by the participants of the workshop include the following:

  • The participants know how to describe and measure the organization of entire workflows.
  • The participants are able to outline their own processes and to evaluate processes according to effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Examples of best practice have been analyzed for various types of core processes, and the participants benefit from the experience of their co-participants and the consultant.


The target group are senior executive on the level beneath the management/the board.


1 day


EUR 1,500 plus VAT

Two-day intensive in-house workshop:

  • We can also offer you this workshop as a two-day intensive in-house workshop yielding concrete results already. Below are a few examples of what to expect from the in-house workshop:
  • The workflow organization of the company has been mapped in a “process landscape”.
  • There is a consensus on the core and support processes of the company.
  • The performances of the individual main processes have been transparently described.
  • The processes have been evaluated according to effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Bottlenecks and redundancies have been identified.
  • A concrete “10 point plan” for a sustainable increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of processes has been developed, including contents, responsibilities and deadlines.

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