Growth Driver “Decision-making”: Take Better Decisions Faster and With a Higher Hit Ratio.

Every day, a larger number of corporate decisions are made, many of which have a significant impact on the company. In some companies, the decision-making process is faster than in others. Some companies stand out for the quality of the decisions made by them. Why is that? Are the quality of the decisions and the speed of the decision-making process somehow part of the corporate institutions? Or do the persons involved have a part in this?

This workshop will provide you with a useful toolset for making better decisions faster.

Critical lessons learned by the participants of the workshop include the following:

  • Participants have been made aware of individual decision-making patterns.
  • A five-level methodical procedure for preparing, making, and communicating decisions is in place. The participants are familiar with the required tools.
  • Communication strategies and a successful communication pattern have been defined.
  • The ideal result is a decision made by each participant with regard to a major corporate development bottleneck.


The target group are senior executive on the level beneath the management/the board.


2 days


EUR 2,200 plus VAT

Two-day intensive in-house workshop:

  • We can also offer you this workshop as a two-day intensive in-house workshop yielding concrete results already. Below are a few examples of what to expect from the in-house workshop:
  • All participants have a uniform understanding of the thematic areas where decisions are needed.
  • A clear definition of the company’s decision criteria is in place.
  • Helped by the facilitator, the participants have made clear decisions in the defined thematic areas using a transparent and reproducible method.
  • Decisions and argumentation have been transparently documented.
  • The consequences from the decisions have been turned to use in an appropriate action plan.

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