Growth Driver “Project Management”: Throw 50% Over Board and Focus on the Essentials.

Often, up to half of the internal projects of a given company are superfluous. Projects can be shortened and cancelled without negative effects. Time and resources are increasingly valuable. What counts is putting resources to good use. Project management is a helpful tool when it is used properly and does not become an end in its own right.

Critical lessons learned by the participants of the workshop include the following:

  • The participants are aware of methods for describing projects so that they become comparable.
  • Criteria for classifying and evaluating the projects in a portfolio are in place.
  • The participants have learned how to reduce the project portfolio to the essentials and can apply their knowledge in day-to-day business.


The target group includes board and management assistants and project managers.


1 day with the option of an extra half-day for special topics and a question & answer session.


EUR 1,300 plus VAT for the first day, another EUR 450 plus VAT for the optional extra half day (which can be booked only in conjunction with the first day).

Three-day intensive in-house workshop:

  • We can also offer you this workshop as a three-day intensive in-house workshop yielding concrete results already. Below are a few examples of what to expect from the in-house workshop:
  • The initial project landscape has been outlined: both an overview of the topics of all current projects and a uniform project outline for all projects in the project landscape are in place.
  • The project definition and the status of all projects have been established and documented in accordance with a uniform template.
  • The key projects have been identified.
  • Criteria for evaluating the projects have been defined.
  • All projects have been classified with regard to their effect and their integration within the organization.
  • The project landscape has been adjusted against the background of strategic and operative priorities (routine tasks, unnecessary projects, unimportant projects have been cancelled).
  • Missing projects (mostly market-oriented) have been defined with a view to their group of themes.
  • The Overall Project Control method has been prepared for the relevant business unit, and an implementation plan is in place.

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