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Currently available in German only.


"In each of the cases, both the targets as such and the time frames were met. Most of the quantifiable and qualifiable results of the projects even were significantly beyond our expectations."
Horst Trimborn, CEO, Andreae-Noris Zahn AG
(ANZAG is one of Germany’s leading pharmaceutical wholesalers and a European Top 300 company)
"Your structured approach has made it possible for us to quickly identify and accurately define groups of themes. All of that has worked exceedingly well both on management level (including our chairman) as well as on the level of the general managers of the subsidiaries."
Dr. Dieter Traub, Chairman of the Management Board, Orizon Group
(Orizon Group is a German Top 10 temp-work company)
"You managed to create a sustainable and solution-oriented dialog with the employees concerned which is the basis of a successful change of processes."
Peter Burmann, General Manager, DBT Bergbau Service GmbH
(DBT today is part of Bucyrus International, Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of high productivity mining equipment for surface and underground mining.)
(Orizon Group is a German Top 10 temp-work company)
"Your perseverance, including with regard to critical processes, and your precise preparation and reviewing have helped us to make results more transparent and compulsory."
Hugo Reissner, CEO, CBR Fashion Holding GmbH
(As a leading fashion company, the CBR brands Street One, Cecil, and OneTouch are among the most sustainable and fastest growing fashion companies in Europe)
"Mandat has managed to walk the narrow path between critical examination and consultation on the one hand and guided involvement of employees on the other hand."
Wolfgang Macholz, Chairman of the Management Board, Progas GmbH & Co. KG
(Progas is Germany’s leading liquid gas company)
"Your facilitation and your structured method helped us gain clarity with regard to the process structure and the organization of these processes at the Technical Purchasing department."
Dr. Bernd Lübcke, COO, Hornbach Baumarkt AG
(HORNBACH Group is one of the leading retail companies in the Do-It-Yourself market.)
"You have succeeded in objectively balancing the different interests on the management and owner levels."
Christoph Zeiss, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Heads! Executive Consultancy
"I am convinced that the investment in your consulting services will soon deliver an increase in turnover and earnings."
Andreas Wiemers, Branch Manager, Wilhelm Linnenbecker GmbH & Co. KG
"A significant contribution was made to improving the quality of our core processes."
Dietmar Möllenhoff, General Manager, Transgas GmbH & Co. KG
"Thanks to your concise manner of facilitation and the 'Mandat Method', which allows a consistent and binding approach to change projects, we achieved a number of results faster than would have been possible without Mandat."
Mike Sabatowski, Director Marketing & Sales ANZAG and General Manager Vivesco GmbH & Co. KG
"I remember well how you chaired and thus saved the meeting (...) Everybody, including the directors, had got completely stuck. That was a brilliant performance on your part."
Jörg Brandl, Regional Sales Director, Andreae-Noris Zahn AG
"Guido Quelle and Mandat were so successful with the strategy workshop conducted - it would be hard to do better!"
Jörg Reupke, Member of the Management Board, CBR Textile GmbH
"In the course of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to participate in many 'Coaching and Management Meetings'! However, there were not many that made be go back to my daily business with as much energy and power! Yesterday's event definitely was one of the highlights"
Frank Elfers, General Manager OneTouch GmbH
"Thank you very much for the brilliant collaboration!"
Karsten Thiel, Brand Speaker Cecil GmbH
"You have succeeded in educating us, informing us, bringing together our unbundled energies and put the results of our wild brainstorming into understandable words. This was a workshop the like of which I have not seen before. It was so close to practical operations that one had the impression you had actually been working for years in exactly the type of team which we want to become one day! It was never just theory but close to real life!"
Britta Gädtke, Expansion Manager, Cecil GmbH
"Your talent to bring out the best in the excellent team and the topic through your quiet presentation and well-aimed provocation has deeply impressed and inspired me. It is exactly through this excellent manner that the result exceeds my expectations both with regard to creativity as well as clarity!!"
Mirko Marx, Director Expansion Management, Cecil GmbH
"In all projects carried out with Mandat it was clear to me from the start that they would provide me with all of the necessary know-how and support and would not hesitate to share their knowledge with their clients, i.e. pass on such know-how so that I as the client would be in a position to continue the project quickly and without requiring help. Therefore, interpersonal issues were taken into consideration from the beginning in order to create a win-win situation for those participating in and/or affected by the project - After my experience with Mandat I will always be happy to work with Mandat again."
Sylvia Grüll, authorized signatory, Head of Technical Purchasing, Hornbach Baumarkt AG
"The results delivered under the first Mandat appointment were so convincing that they have led to a very close and successful co-operation built on mutual trust which lasts to the present day. (-) It is particularly noteworthy that Mandat had to implement the full scope of all projects (-) together with the staff of the operations headed by me."
Horst Trimborn, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, European Dental Partners GmbH and client of Mandat for 16 years in different organizations.)
"The excellent project work that you delivered was the basis of the decision of the supervisory board."
Peter J. Haac, CEO ANZAG
"Not just the execution of the actual project work but also the preparation and follow-up of the project were carried out in an extraordinarily effective and accurate manner. - I can assure Dr. Quelle and the entire team of Mandat Managementberatung GmbH of my entire satisfaction with the consulting service."
Andreas Wiemers, Director Logistics Rhein-Ruhr, Raab Karcher Baustoffe GmbH
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