Ready, Set, Grow! This Week: A/The Hole in the Brand

Ready Set Grow
On the autobahn, we overtake a car towing a trailer, which has a cover that advertises patio awnings. In the cover, a big hole. Trust in awnings needs to be built in some other way.

Hartmut Jenner, CEO of Kärcher, in his presentation at the 9th International Brands Colloquium: It is simply unacceptable for a field representative of Kärcher, a company that stands for cleanliness, to drive around in an untidy or dirty car. Enough said.

Concierge over the telephone of a Mercedes-Benz branch office, who hadn’t understood my name: “I’ll gladly connect you. May I please have your name again, sir? —Exemplary. No longer do any of us want to hear a gruff, “What did you say your name was?”

Brands are forever being damaged by concretions of details. Details that you don’t realize at first. Details that creep in partly unnoticed. Details seen by managers as not important important enough become, in many circumstances, something to pay attention to. But there are such details, details that express, particularly in their external effects, how your company’s brand presents itself to outsiders.

Does your receptionist greet your customers as you would like? Does the deportment of your employees in sales, in customer service, in technology, and in subsidiaries represent you as you would like? What about the telephone switchboard? And your correspondence, not to mention your emails? Is there a “hole” in your brand somewhere? Then patch it, or even better, Get a new cover.

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