Ready, Set, Grow! This Week: Lead Consistently

Ready Set Grow
Leadership themes continue to be a component of our projects to create profitable growth. It is systematically managed weakly, inconsistently, or not at all. In particular, inconsistency is what leads to confusion in the organization. On that point, a direct quote from an employee at a recent project: “Actually, I could do whatever I wanted; it wouldn’t matter, anyway. Say no more.

Leadership needs a direction. If the direction (strategy) is not clear, it can’t be sensibly managed. From the opposite perspective, if the strategy is clear, there is no excuse for inconsistent, directionless leadership. That is why we always take pains to dust off the strategy first of all. As a result, the underlying excuse for weak leadership vanishes.

A lack of consistency in leadership—and a leadership culture that leaves much to be desired—are significant brakes on growth. Leadership is taught a only a few colleges, but it is presumed in business. What are the standards for good leadership? How do managers behave when a good friend in the company makes a mistake compared to someone else with whom he is not acquainted? Is the same standard applied? Are people aware of consequences, and are they adhered to? Leadership is not a by-product.

Provide for consistent, directed leadership. And don’t be like Steve Jobs. To a couple of department heads who came to him with a dispute, he said: “Settle it, or both of you are out of here!”

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