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The Prophet in His Own House DOES Count!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

“A prophet counts for nothing in his own house.” You may know this saying from the Bible. It is often only too true—and it doesn’t apply to your own company alone. How often in our projects do we confirm insights that had already been gained internally in a similar way, but not taken seriously? How few clients do we have in Dortmund and the Ruhr in comparison to significantly more distant locations and to the world in general? Munich, Hamburg, Hanover, and also Zürich, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Amsterdam, Estonia, and London are but a few of the places outside Dortmund where we have project partners. But we are a “given” in Dortmund. A potential client in Dortmund once said to me that he would not hire a Dortmund consultancy because we are all probably networked together, and he was concerned that internal matters would get out. You need say no more.

Across from Mandat is the main office of Elmos, a chip-maker whose chips are built into virtually every automobile in the world. These chips are produced directly across from us, in our technology park. Is this appreciated? No, it’s just Elmos; you,ve certainly heard of them. Diagonally across from Mandat sits the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, one of the world’s leading institutes in the field of logistics. It recently received a royal visit from the Netherlands. Are they really so important? You bet they are. Those are two examples from our immediate surroundings.

Look around. What you take for granted might be quite impressive to others. What your own people tell you will be right more often than you think. Also, talk up your company, about how special it is. Because possibly, the people with whom you regularly associate, the people in all your networks will not have that on their radar. We’re always saying such things, too. There is excellent guidance toward growth to be had in Dortmund, and you don’t have to be headquartered in Munich or Düsseldorf to get it.

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Mandat Growth Tip of the Day: Surprise Your Customers

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Your focus for today: Put some thought into how in the future you might systematically surprise your customers. (taking place according to specific rules)
If you book a first-class ticket from London-Gatwick to Victoria Station on line, along with your reservation’s confirmation you receive a download link to three music collections of various styles. At no cost, the passenger can download one of the selections for each reservation. Each of the collections is about 30 minutes long, exactly the time the Gatwick Express takes to make the run to Victoria Station. The Gatwick Express wants you to enjoy the music through headphones as your watch the the countryside go by.
Gatwick Express surprised me with this perk. It’s a service that Gatwick Express must certainly pay very little for and at the same time, reflects their customer-oriented approach. I find this worthy of a best-practice award. How are you going to surprise your customers?

© 2013, Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle, Mandat Consulting Group, Dortmund, London, New York. All rights reserved.