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Benefit from Growth Opportunities in the Commodities Market. Example: Freenet

Friday, March 21st, 2014

How often have you heard it? That things can’t work; that the competitive environment is difficult because products are interchangeable; that others can do something better; or that others have already tried something – without success.

During the 10th International Brands Colloquium on September 12-13 at Seeon Abbey, Christoph Vilanek, CEO, freenet AG, made it clear that at the moment, especially companies that are offering commodities are well-advised to look for growth-potential in their markets. Freenet, for example, is on course to become a “digital-lifestyle” provider and is pursuing this course consistently. Vilanek said that it is necessary to maintain a very rational view on the own products and to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with low-priced products as long as a lot of people buy them. Just as a sidenote, Vilanek also put to rest the question, he is often asked, of whether you need a new name if you become a “mobilcom-debitel,” which is the brand since the fusion between the two providers “mobilcom” and “debitel.” His stereotypic answer is “no,” since it’s not about a clever name. Haven’t Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, and Hennes & Mauritz also worked out all right in the end?

In addition, one’s perception of the facts is crucial. Forty-seven percent of Germans have a smart phone. A huge number. Vilanek’s view: Fifty-three percent of Germans DON’T have a smart phone. A huge potential.

In our role as consultants, we frequently scrutinize traditional business models as to their potential for growth. It’s not unusual for us to discover that over the years, an organization has learned behaviors that must be examined critically if it wants to grow further. But this assumes a certain “internal opposition,” because it means grappling with the fact that what has brought the organization to its present prosperity will probably not be what will guide it to future prosperity. A sea change in thinking that requires strong leadership.

On my own account: The 11th International Brands Colloquium will take place on September 18-19, 2014 at Seeon Abbey in Chiemgau, as always. Once again, business leaders, companies, and senior-brand managers will convene to speak in a familiar and confidential setting about brands, strategy, leadership, and growth. There is no documentation of the proceedings so that the speakers can talk about things not intended for wider publication. You can find out more about the International Brands Colloquium here.

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