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The So-Called “Round Table”—The Appearance of Equality Doesn’t Guarantee Equality

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Are you among participants in negotiations where you sit at a “round table?” The “round table” is convened whenever the aim is to discuss something free from the constraints of hierarchy. The seating arrangement at a rectangular table always gives an indication of who is in charge—the individual at the head of the table or in the middle, according to the occasion and the gathering. A round table is supposed to signify that everyone seated there is equally empowered.

But that’s usually not the case. In television broadcasts of political gatherings, have you ever considered, for example, how cameras and national flags are arranged? Have you ever considered where entrances and exits to the room are or who sits next to whom? Of course there’s a hierarchy, even at a round table, and naturally, everyone present knows what it is.

Don’t let yourself be bullied: There are inequalities in every negotiation. If you want to grow, you must be aware of this and use it to your advantage.

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Guido’s Personal View: The Griping Must Stop!

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

It’s always the other guys. Incompetent politics, the mean boss, truculent colleagues, dumb customers, overly-curious neighbors, or the always-inappropriate weather. Someone else is always to blame for our misfortune. Wrong! Independently of whether we are happy or sad, we are the ones who must take our fate in hand.
The griping is annoying. Regrettably, it grows ever louder. Have we already forgotten how valuable it is that we have a huge amount of freedom? Or is the risk inherent in freedom too great? Otherwise, why do calls for ever more government grow louder. Here’s the news: The government won’t fix it. We are the government! Forgotten that already? Do we really want to return to conditions as they were in the GDR? That didn’t work out so well.
No, if we really want to grow, we have to recognize first that taking on manageable risk offers a high degree of security and second, that we are essentially responsible for our own success. Success and failure are clearly defined by how people react to things that have happened. It is what it is. Our reaction to it decides how things move forward. We consume our energy when we shift the blame to someone else and continue to gripe. When we accept the situation and spring to action stations, that will carry us forward.
We’ll do just fine. So let’s stop griping.

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Guido’s Personal View: “Big Hat, No Cattle”

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Instead of all talk and no action, I would be delighted if politicians, company managers, labor unionists, and other such luminaries featured in the media could acquire a little more self-control. Grandiose promises without the slightest substance and without the slightest chance of being kept are just as unhelpful as the fluffy cacophony aimed at increasing media visibility.

How about a little more restraint? How about having a debate at a factual level for a change, with substantive content understandably presented, a discussion founded on the idea that “a promise made is a debt unpaid?’ Then, of course, there’s the contention that when speaking to the media, there is never enough time to make a point – which, by the way, actually leads politicians to speak in uninterruptible, run-on sentences for a couple of minutes before coming to a stop.

But I don’t believe it. It simply hasn’t been tried in the recent past. I trust  that people are not so stupid as to be taken in by your collective “big hat, no cattle” behavior. Or let’s say: I hope so.

© 2013, Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle, Mandat Consulting Group, Dortmund, London, New York. All rights reserved.